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Mandag 11. november

Tirsdag 6 Juni 2017

Here we go again!

(By Peter Engelschiøn)

Nå som vi snart skal tilbake til Helge Ingstads Nordlandet og områdene beskrevet i Pelsjegerliv faller tankene tilbake på tidligere turer. Spesielt den opplevelsen det var å endelig finne hans Tundracamp. Jeg husker spesielt den opplevelsen detvar å stå midt i leiren med boken i hånden og forestille meg hvordan det måtte være for Helge å oppholde seg der ute i villmarken. http://www.helgeingstad.net/Hjem/

Mandag 11. november

Upcoming week-end the team are gathering to do some planning! It is about time to get ready for Thaidene Nene – Canada 2017!

Peter Engelschiøn

Many people ask us about who is helping us with the planning, and if we have guide etc. We like to plan to conduct our tours ourselves, so we do not have any help from others. Everything is planned by the participants themselves, since it is actually half the trip!

Planning a trip on the tundra is extensive. When the plane takes off from Great Slave Lake, heading towards the tundra, then it is too late to have forgotten something. Everything from toilet paper, to matchsticks and satellite phone must be in place.

Basically it's the same equipment you use that on any other hike. The main difference is the distance to civilization. It is not two hours from people, but weeks. So the soles of my hiking boots must not fall off during the trip! An additional dimension by traveling to Canada is logistics. Booking flights to Yellowknife and bushplain from there. Then, booking hotels, car, making  maps (Better to make them ourselves.) And we must make sure to have shopping lists that are 100%. In addition to this; We must have shotguns and ammo, and the necessary paperwork to get them into Canada.

But all this planning, equipment discussion, investigation of questions and discussions are half the trip, and I could never in the world hire anyone to make the arrangement and guide me to a place where I can find footprints from the group from previous week.

Most of us have been in the same area before. And it is remot, only occasionally you can find traces of people. This time we have exploring a area where we believe and hope that is even more remonte (if possible) Especially the last part of the trip. We will leave the river and paddle a few days into a really remote lake. I cannot imagine anyone else is paddling into this wild and remote area.In the north end of this water, we shall stay a week until civilization is picking us up!

Attached you will find our maps.

 Its here, Sandy Lake Expedition 2013. The Movie Part 1.


November 6th 2016 Peter Engelschiøn

It takes a log time to make a movie, specially if you are not professional.  But here it is!

The Sandy Lake Expedition mission was to establish base camp at Sandy Lake. From there we did a long expedition into the tundra toward the areas we intended Helge Ingstad could have had winter quarters. It took some time, but we did find it.

In this first part, we will visit, Sandy Lake, Whithefish lake, Gus Daoust Shack and Helge Ingstads Tuntra camp.  You can also enjoy some fishing.

Enjoy!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5FEP1wv71A

The team!

November 6th 2016 Peter S. Engelschiøn

Finally we have the team for Thaidene Nene 2017 ready. There has been quite some trouble finding a participant with the right qualifications for this trip, but now everything seem to be in place.

In previous expeditions we have done a lot of planning by now. This time,we havent done much planning, exept for finding a destination and route to paddle. However, by now we have a good team and the planning can start for real. There is a lot of stuff to fix, such as booking tickets, hotels, satelite phone, maps, canoes, food, guns etc etc. But, we have done this before and know what and how to do it bu now......but doing it takes some time as well.

We are pleased to have Åge Nomeland onboarding the team.  He is a good friend of mine, and previous participant (Sandy Lake Expedition 2013) Erling Sagneskar. Åge is well known to the wilderness in the Norwegian mountains. Now, he tells me that he is ready for new challenges!  I am sure he will manage well.  We have been told that he is finding much pleasure in wood chopping, and i am sure the team is happy about that!  We are sure he will manage well!

For those who dont know, the team is: Peter Engelschiøn, Harald Sollund, Roy Kvamme, Calle Christiansen, Åge Nomeland and Jan Mauritz Akre.  Calle and Åge are the only "Greenhorns"



A small change in our team

April 10th 2016 - Peter Engelschiøn

Thomas Pedersen has regrettably had to withdraw from Thaidene Nene 2017. Thomas participated in  Sandy Lake Expedition 2013, and we are sorry that he can not attendt to the next trip. However, we have already managed to replace Thomas with a new chef, namely Morten Johansen. Morten is from Kristiansan but lives in Oslo with his wife and two children. Its great to have him in our team!