Great Northern Expeditions!


This page is about travelling, exploring and fishing in the far north. It started with a bunch of friends doing fishing trips around in Norway. In 2010 we did the "Ingstad Creek Expedition 2010" The goal was to find the great explorer Helge Ingstads Tundracamp east of Great Slave Lake in Canada. We had a great trip, but did not find the camp. Again, in 2013, "The Sandy Lake Expedition"finally found the Tundracamp. In 2017, we are planning to revisit the area, and the name of the expedition is named "Thaidene Nene". This is the name of the area today, and we use the name with permission from Thaidene Nene. 
Great Northern Expeditions do also have a Facebook page that will keep you updated on Thaidene Nene expedition 2017.  You will find it by searching "Great Northern Expeditions" on FB.

See also the FB pages: The Sandy Lake Expedition and The Ingstad Creek Expedition.

About Helge Ingstads Tuncracamp: